Planning your email funnel doesn’t have to feel like you’re in the following movies.

dazed and confused.jpg
failure to launch.jpg
the hangover.jpg

If only you can get your hands on a special sumthin’ sumthin’ that reduces confusion, frustration, and the urge to binge-drink a bottle of red wine…

Perhaps a proven blueprint to guide you in designing your own email funnel?

Now you can get exactly that.



An online database of funnel maps based on the email sequences of successful online marketers. Sign up below for your free access to this subscribers-only portal that will be updated bimonthly with new blueprints + swipe files!



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  • Punchline newsletter funnel map (Lianna Patch)
  • 16-part Snackable Writing Course funnel map (Henneke Duistermaat)
  • Fab Facebook Group System webinar funnel map (Caitlin Bacher) + email teardown by Sarah Anderson
  • List to Launch Lab evergreen webinar funnel map (Jenna Kutcher) + email teardown by Sarah Anderson

New Releases:

  • List Builder's Lab 2.0 evergreen webinar funnel map (Amy Porterfield) + email teardown by Sarah Anderson

Coming Soon:

  • quiz funnel map (Tarzan Kay)