When it comes to creating courses, you’re crushing it. But when it comes to cranking out effective emails and sales pages, either you don’t have the time or you blank out.

The fear and loathing in launches are real.

Hakuna matata. I’ve got you.

I have launch packages that...

attract your best potential customers

...and weed everyone else out.



No sales page? No worries. 

This email-only launch package is perfect for you if: 

  • You want to generate results asap… and with a BANG!

  • A launch funnel with a lot of moving pieces makes you want to reach for an aspirin

  • You want to save the wasted time and frustration of poking around in the dark with that big, ugly stick


Looking for a more advanced launch email package that delivers heavyweight results? Hold my sweet cocktail with a tiny umbrella in it. 

Whether you’re doing:  

  • A 3-part video launch

  • A webinar launch

  • An evergreen launch

I’ve got you covered with sequences that sell — PLUS sales page.



"Chanteuse's email series almost doubled my previous open and click-through rates."

Sonya Scott, Master Wedding Planner, Destinations by A Perfect Day



“I loved that her emails perfectly captured my voice, and she ticked all the boxes on qualities that are important to me — fast response time, humor, flexibility, meeting deadlines and professionalism.  I was impressed with her thoroughness. It gave me confidence that she would learn enough about my business and target audience to write an appropriate and effective email series. It was worth every penny to be able to turn the job over to her so I could focus on what I do best. I highly recommend Chanteuse and will definitely use her again.”