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Chanteuse Marie
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You’re a

And if I could describe your launch style in one movie title, it would be...
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You're a badass teacher who may or may not be fond of leather jackets like LouAnne Johnson.

You have immense courage to go on a live presentation to teach and inspire students — all while your fingers are crossed that technical issues won't crop up. 

You're irresistibly charismatic that even those who are most cynical stop, look, and listen till they have a change of heart. 


You're a strong leader who's not afraid to set the bar high for your students to succeed. 

You echo LouAnne Johnson's words:

"The mind is like a muscle, and if you want it to be really powerful, you got to work it out. Each new fact gives you another choice. Each new idea builds another muscle, and it’s those muscles that are going to make you really strong. Those are your weapons. In this unsafe world, I want to arm you."



The Unfair Advantage of The Webinar

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Webinar works like gangbusters. 

  • It's a low-cost, low-risk alternative to the 3-part video series. It has simpler, less moving pieces. It's easier to track performance and conversions across each layer.

  • You are able to demonstrate value and address objections in real time. You create a shared experience and foster a stronger personal connection.

  • Webinars do not discriminate. It works whether you're a new or established entrepreneur, with a big or small audience, and any type of product — from SaaS and beyond. 

As LouAnne Johnson said:

There are no victims in this classroom.




I’m here because I do care.

That's why I'm also giving you a free blueprint for your next live webinar launch.

Remember that you can eventually automate your webinar. Do it live first to test and validate. Then tweak and optimize the elements of your funnel.

If you need copy help, feel free to chat with me about my "Raging Bull Campaign" service.

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