This isn't about finding the perfect gif to make your emails relatable... far from it.

It’s about creating emails that connect emotionally with the people you seek to serve.



Step 1: This Is Us

But without the drama.

This is our getting-to-know-you stage.

What about your market’s struggles breaks your heart? What is the main *magic wand* moment or outcome your product can deliver? Do you like vodka or tequila? The list is endless.


Step 2: Me, Myself & Irene

Let’s name your best potential customer Irene. She holds the secret to the success of your course launch. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m gonna find out.

This is the research stage where I get into your customers’ heads and swipe their thoughts.


Step 3: Analyze That

I’ll dissect how they expect you to speak to them, what their emotional drivers are, and how to make them understand that your product makes perfect sense.

In short: What will get Irene to open her wallet?


Step 4: You've Got Mail

I write the emails, you hit send, we bask in the LOLs and ROIs.


Step 5: The Good Place

You just sent the emails that let people know you’re who they’ve been looking for all this time.

Irene said, “This is exactly what I needed to hear!”


Time to open that bottle of Moët & Chandon.



"It’s not always easy to find hooks for business topics, but Chanteuse Marie really delivered."

Marie-Claude Ethier, Founder, The Architext



“I hired Chanteuse Marie to write a series of emails as part of a lead nurturing campaign for the B2B sector. She managed to come up with subject lines that made you want to click, and she worked her magic equally well with email copy that hooked you in right away. It’s obvious that she has a lot of empathy, an essential quality for a copywriter. In addition, she was a pleasure to work with, always receptive to feedback and quick to respond. I recommend her without hesitation.”